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Classic Bloody Marys

    The  Bloody Mary

    Algonquin Bloody Mary

    Arthur's Bloody Mary

    Buddy's Bloody Mary

    Bloody Mary Punch


Spicy Bloody Marys

     Bloody Biker

     Wasabi Bloody Mary     

     Bloody Murphy 

     Mesa Grill's Spicy Bloody Mary


Bloody Mary's Creative Cousins

    The Red Snapper 

    The Bloody Maria 

    The Highland Mary

    Danish Mary 

    Russian Mary 

    Bloody Mariner

    Bloody Bull

    Bloody Mary Jolly

    Don's Bloody Mary

    Patti's Irish Bloody Mary

    Bloody Maru

    Bloody Pearl Harbor

    Sundried Tomato Bloody Marys

    Fiery Caesar

    Sizzling Caesar

    La Michelada





A Bloody Mary is Born


Fernand Petiot, an ex pat who bartended at Harry�s New York Bar in Paris in the �20�s, is the famed inventor of the legendary Bloody Mary. 


The story goes that when he mixed the tomato juice and vodka,  a patron suggested that the drink be named the Bloody Mary, because it was reminiscent of the Bucket of Blood Club in Chicago, and a girl there named Mary.  Another account is that the drink is named after the lovely Bloody Mary herself, Queen Mary I, famous for her persecution of the Protestants.


Whatever the origins of the drink, it quickly became popular back in the US when Petiot began bartending at the St. Regis Hotel, and spiced it up for his classy New York clientele.


These days the Bloody Mary can be enjoyed in many manifestations � with beer instead of tomato juice, extra spicy peppers, or even yogurt.  The bottom line is use your imagination.  Tomato juice can stand up to a lot of experimentation, so have fun!